About MDS interiors

MDS interiors is a regional design firm based in Singapore. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in building interior spaces, we have helped transformed numerous projects from dreams to realities.

Our repertoire includes hospitality make-overs for renowned international hotels, sprawling F&B outlets and restaurants, exquisite show suites for major real estate developers and palatial residences of prestigious locales. Our continuous search for excellence and uncompromising attention to fine-finishing have elicited invaluable praises from customers and are testaments of the passion we have for our craft.

About our logo


The MDS logo reinforces our philosophy of “less is more”.

Comprising of seven circles, it spells the letters ‘m’, ‘d’ and ‘s’, the initial of our founders. The rings are the intersection of the three letters, representing the synergy forge from the partnership.


Mark Lim
Design and Marketing