7 Stunning Houses You Didn’t Know Existed

Singapore is alive with stunning architecturally designed homes. Many architects and design experts have forged their careers in this south-east Asian gem of a cosmopolitan paradise. Singapore is a magnet for international talent, and features some of the most stunning and remarkable houses in Asia. Here is a collection of must-sees when in Singapore: (more…)

Good Class Bungalows – A Piece of Paradise?

Good Class Bunglaws

Credits: Property Guru

Good Class Bungalows are a special type of development with restrictions placed on the type of architecture and space taken of a building on a residential land plot, and gazetted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. In Singapore, these limited availability, coveted and exclusive locales are seen as prestigious and in high demand. (more…)

A Touch Of Class – The Best Bungalow Makeovers In Singapore

The crown jewels of the Singapore property market, Good Class Bungalows are the most sought-after properties in the city, and with good reason. With new land only opening up through reclamation projects, the chance to have your own backyard is extremely tempting for those with the resources to make it happen. This also makes them a unique canvas for architects and interior designers, giving them a chance to practice an entirely separate craft from that of styling condominiums. The level of freedom they offer both owner and designer means that they frequently become canvasses for the city’s most daring design projects. At MDS Interiors, we want to inspire our clients to be bold when renovating their home, so we’ve put together this short article of the city’s most stunning bungalow makeovers. Read on and discover something that could become a part of your life. (more…)

Five Ways To Remodel Your Landed House

Those lucky enough to own a landed home in Singapore don’t just enjoy an exceptional standard of living, but an unequalled opportunity to create something truly unique, unbounded by the restrictions of a condominium. For those considering a transformation of their space, we encourage you to carefully consider the overall vision that you will bring to the design process. To help you on the first few steps of this journey towards a cohesive theme for your home, we’ve collected a few examples of the more popular styles seen across Singapore’s Good Class Bungalows. Read on to learn more.


Where To Buy Luxurious Property In Singapore?

Real estate is one of the most precious commodities in Singapore, and it’s no wonder why. At only 277 sq mi, the city is half the size of Los Angeles, making space a premium asset. A slow but steadily growing population and a constant circulation of expats into and out of the country has led the government to taking on ambitious land reclamation projects in order to boost supply. Despite several years of slow-down, property prices remain one of the highest in the world, true to Singapore’s reputation as a global city and an international hub of business and finance. (more…)

Why Invest In Singapore Property?

If you are looking for a strong addition to any property portfolio, you can’t go past Singapore. Truly a world city, Singapore offers investors the chance to own a little piece of the financial centre of Asia. But we understand buying property in a foreign country is not a decision to be made lightly. For those still considering whether to invest in our city, we have prepared this article detailing a few of the benefits to selecting Singapore as the next addition to your portfolio. (more…)

What Makes a Unique Interior?

What takes a space from bland or run-of-the-mill to extraordinary and exemplary? At MDS Interiors, we’re always searching for the newest, most daring approaches to interior decoration from around the world.

One discovery we’ve made in the course of our research is that often the spaces that stand out from the rest do so because of a small, single stroke of genius. While many stunning interiors were laboriously and carefully built to a singular vision, sometimes it just takes one exquisite idea to lift the entire space. To inspire you, we’ve collected some of our favourites from around the world. Read on to learn more. (more…)

The World’s Most Unusual Residences

A home should be a reflection of its occupants. While many are content to simply tailor parts of their home to suit themselves, for many this is simply not enough. Some of the most iconoclastic homes in the world are the result of the singular vision of an individual combined with the skill and talent of an architect. When both are working in sync, the results can frequently be breath-taking. (more…)

Hiding your TV. (Ceiling, under bed, behind mirror, artwork and walls)

Whether you simply prefer a cleaner look or you’d prefer it wasn’t on display to guests all the time, there are lots of reasons to want to hide your television, and almost as many ways to approach it. No matter how you’ve decorated your home, there’s an attractive and effective way to conceal your television. Read on and pick up a few tips – your guests will never even know you’ve got one! (more…)

Antique mirrors. Modern homes

There’s something stunning about an old mirror. Not only do they open up the room, adding light and the illusion of additional space, many surviving antique mirrors are richly decorated and beautiful to simply look at. It’s no wonder so many people simply love to integrate these gorgeous elements into their home, but how to do it the right way?

With so many in Singapore living in modern, recently constructed HDB flats, a carefully crafted antique mirror can look a bit out of place. Fortunately, there are ways you can introduce these into a contemporary setting without overpowering the surrounding pieces, read on to find out more. (more…)