MDS interiors is voted as one of the three-best rated interior design and renovation companies in Orchard Road, Singapore.

Best Interior design and renovation companies in Orchard Road

With more than 20 years of experience in building interior spaces, we have helped transformed many dream projects to realities.

MDS offers bespoke design and build solutions where we tailor-make every design based on customer’s needs. Based out of Singapore, MDS Interiors has a team of dedicated top interior designers. Our projects have gained attention through the region for some of the best interior design around.

Take a look at our portfolio and the video of our most recent completed project at Tomlinson heights.


Sometimes less is more. The subtle beauty is often the greatest, and when it comes to interior design we understand how the smallest details can truly transform a space.

Instead of working towards pure gaudiness, we subscribe to the philiosophy where the best design is always about “form and function as one”. To achieve this, our designers are extensively exposed to site work, equiping them with the necessary construction knowledge, methodologies and best practices.

Our design proposals always represents a balance between aesthetic, functionality and buildability. Even our logo is all about the philosophy of getting more from less. Subtle attention to detail that in one crisp design tells of our history, the philosophy behind our success, and the clean clear design that has made us one of the best interior design company and popular choice for so many projects.


We are not narrowly confined to just one design, one type of building, or one style.

You can find our interior design in fine restaurants, exquisite show suites, palatial residences, sprawling commercial centers and more. Our interior designers have always relied on passion, attention to detail, and an uncompromising dedication to making our clients’ dream designs becoming a true reality.

We’re humbled whenever a customer praises our work. Whether a long-time client or a new project, whether big or small, we believe in giving our absolute best. There is no better recommendation than word of mouth, and we do our best to ensure every client is always happy and confident to recommend us to others.

We take pride in the work we have done and would be honored to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.

Needing a Full-Fledge Overhaul?

At MDS Interiors, we bring to you design ideas and inspirations, all expertly and exclusively curated by expert Singapore interior designers. Dive into the world of interior designs with us and explore décor ideas and inspirations for your upcoming projects.

Our team at MDS Interiors has a flair for design. Short on décor plans and ideas, or just intimidated by the thought of a renovation? Not to worry, we are here for you, to lead you through the complex world of interior design and construction. We have professionals onboard who live and breathe home décor and interior design and with their guidance and inspiration, our clients always meet their end goals. Hence, if you are looking to have an interior designer to work with,we are your best choice.

Our team has a collective experience of more than 20 years, which has helped makeMDSa highlyrecommended interior designer in Singapore. With our creative and out-of-the-box interior design ideas, we will always transform the mostboring places into awesome spaces!

What if we want just some small improvements?

Even if you are just looking for small improvements, our Singapore top interior designer has some practical tips to share with you. Hopefully they can meet your decorating needs and open your mind to some creative ideas:

Transformation of Eye-sores. First thing first,our top interior designer always says that a good start to a good interior design is to de-clutter, remove and weed out the unnecessaries. By doing that, we can reset the space, making physical space available for new aesthetically pleasing items.Example could be the removal of old and unwanted toddlers’ furniture or a mismatch hand-me-down item from a relative. When we de-clutter and remove the obvious eye-sores, we have already gained a huge chunk of improvements before any serious work is done.

Trimmings and Moldings Where Possible.The second thing that makes a world of a difference to an interior design space is trimmings and moldings. Though small and insignificant on their own, trimmings and moldings provide accent and bring to life what could be once a nondescript feature.Thus, if a corner of the househas gone dull over time, our top Singapore interior designer will consider it for an accent upgrade. Simple and instantaneous results.

Bold Is Groovy. Most clients, in general, are averse to bold ideas. But bold is groovy today!Therefore, even if bold is not your style, there is no reason to hold back. Just like adding accent trims and moldings, our Singapore interior designer assures that you can always add pieces of furniture and accessories that are bold as statements of your personal taste and style. No right or wrong. When seen in that light even awkward boldness is tasteful. So, don’t hesitate, go bold boldly!

Combining the New with the Old. As the best interior design company, one thing we do often is to produce a unique and startling effect by mixing the new with the old. The old and new may be very different, but when brought together they produce the most extraordinary ensemble of ideas. We never tire of implementing this idea in our projects and our clients love it too. Do some rearrangement to your furniture, purposely juxta positioning the new against the old. Mix and match until you are happy with the eclectic combination.

Spruce Up with Wallpapers.If you are on a budget, then our recommended interior designer has just the design solution for it. We have livened up so many ordinary spaces with just wallpapers for our clients on skinny budgets. Walls form a big part of the interior optics, so giving them a new life, while maintaining the rest as status quo, could appear transformational. The keywords are accent, bold, flora and graphical. Combining with what we have shared above, wallpapering could indeed be a smart choice when you have little to spare. What is more? You can even wallpaper part of your ceiling! Who says it is just for walls? Let your creativity run free!

A Little DIY Doesn’t Hurt

Never hesitate from tinkering around the house if you have an idea in mind, for that matter, even when you have no specific idea. DIY endeavors are often a fruitful and can be a therapeutic experience at the same time. We encourage our clients to go and dabble. With the advice from our top interior designer of Singapore, your DIY would surely yield wondrous and surprising results.