MDS interiors is a regional design firm based in Singapore. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in building interior spaces, we have helped transformed numerous projects from dreams to realities.

Our repertoire includes hospitality make-overs for renowned international hotels, sprawling F&B outlets and restaurants, exquisite show suites for major real estate developers and palatial residences of prestigious locales. Our continuous search for excellence and uncompromising attention to fine-finishing have elicited invaluable praises from customers and are testaments of the passion we have for our craft.

Singapore Famous Interior Design Done Right

Sometimes less is more. The subtle beauty is often the greatest, and when it comes to Singapore interior design we understand how the smallest details can truly transform a space. Too often interior designers fall back on noise or gaudiness, but there is a reason that we are considered the top interior design company Singapore businesses trust.

Based out of Singapore, MDS Interiors has been providing outstanding service for over two decades. Our projects have gained attention all through the region for some of the best interior design around, and this has only been achieved through careful attention to every single project.

No detail is too small. The ability to pay attention to the smallest of things while still keeping an eye on the big picture makes all of the difference.

Long Resume of Success
We are not narrowly confined to just one design, one type of building, or one style. Over our 20 years serving the region we have built quite a repertoire of outstanding commercial projects.

You can find our interior design in renowned multi-star international hotels, fine dining restaurants, exquisite show suites, palatial residences, sprawling commercial centers and more. Our interior designers have always relied on passion, attention to detail, and an uncompromising dedication to making our clients’ dream designs becoming a true reality.

Praise Built on Trust
We’re humbled whenever a customer praises our work. Whether a long-time client or a new project, whether big or small, we believe in giving our absolute best. There is no better recommendation than word of mouth, and we do our best to ensure every client is always happy and confident to recommend us to others.

Trust isn’t won overnight, and it isn’t won with cookie cutter solutions. That’s why we are dedicated to always improving our craft however we can, even after 20 plus years. Subtle shifts can make all the difference.

Wide Range of Interior Design Services

The professionals at MDS Interiors understand that interior design comes in many forms. Whether you are looking for concept development, space planning, or design development, our professionals know how to embrace the challenge to find a solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other – you can have both!

Interior construction planning and management are all part of what we do to help make sure you get the absolute best-finished result possible.

Whether you are looking for specific commercial, residential, or even hospitality-based interior design we have the skills, experience, and expertise to tackle the job.

A Philosophy of Detail

Even our logo is all about the philosophy of getting more from less. Subtle attention to detail that in one crisp design tells of our history, the philosophy behind our success, and the clean clear design that has made us a popular choice for so many projects.

Take a look at our projects page to see just how we can use multiple examples of spacing, light, and color to create a beautiful design without making a space too noisy or distracting.

We take pride in the work we have done and would be honored to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.