5 Great Interior Designer Traits

Choosing a great interior designer can be one of the toughest jobs of all. They can make or break the look of your home or space, so it is very important to consider the following before diving into that labyrinth. A successful professional in this field does not simply achieve this status by mere accident or coincidence. We need to take on board what qualities make a great designer, and understand how they apply these attributes to their practice.

  1. Great Observers

A potential designer will use their eyes as their first and foremost tool. They often see things we would over look and are often very talented at putting in place a DIY alternative to make up for an existing poor design. Observation is their primeval form of research and research gives a purpose to take further action.

  1. Great Listeners

Rather than making assumptions, a good interior designer will listen to what it is you are trying to describe and rather than implement their own take on things, will follow through to what it is that you really want. Those who listen won’t just assume that they have the best solution for you, they will provide insights that you would need and are prepared to spend your hard earned cash on.

  1. Great Desire

A great interior designer will have made observations and then strive to positively exploit on an existing design. They will have the drive to improve on what they have been given to work with and evolve the brief to achieve the desired results.

  1. Great Understanding of Context

Context is essential to help us make sense of things, including whether something is relevant or not. Those with a good eye will achieve a solution that is appropriate to the context or scenario that the look will be used for.

  1. Great Solutions

There should always be a solution to a problem, not just a visual. Observation and listening needs to be translated into a solution. If a design fails to solve a problem, or doesn’t make good use of the space, it then becomes a weak one.

  1. Great Communicators

A talented professional will be able to transfer their solutions into sketches, models, CAD designs, notes, and verbal communication. They are great at using whatever tools are available to get their ideas across and make them become a reality. Good interior designers will be able to communicate effectively what they have envivioned, and put these thoughts on paper and screen to share their ideas and insights with their clients.

  1. Great Awareness

They have an awareness of the world surrounding us and have integrity to provide solutions to real problems, often showing a high sensitivity to the impact that their design may have to the environment and more importantly how it will affect the occupants when their project has been completed.