Five Ways To Remodel Your Landed House

Those lucky enough to own a landed home in Singapore don’t just enjoy an exceptional standard of living, but an unequalled opportunity to create something truly unique, unbounded by the restrictions of a condominium. For those considering a transformation of their space, we encourage you to carefully consider the overall vision that you will bring to the design process. To help you on the first few steps of this journey towards a cohesive theme for your home, we’ve collected a few examples of the more popular styles seen across Singapore’s Good Class Bungalows. Read on to learn more. 

Classically black and white

Evoke the past with this ancient, timeless style, dating back to the earliest days of British colonisation. Originating from the use of dark timber beams and whitewashed walls in homes built for European colonial families in the 19th century, a black and white landed property is a statement of respect for history. The flexibility of this style is obvious in the simplicity of its requirements, meaning that it can be bent into nearly any configuration or to suit any lifestyle, allowing infinite options for the creative owner. Common features include open-plan ground floors, pitched rooves with wide eaves and high roofs for ventilation.

A liveable garden

A higher maintenance option, some owners are choosing to prioritise the natural features of the property over the built elements. Whether it’s through the use of green rooves, privacy curtains of cascading vines and creepers, or using native trees as a boundary wind-break, letting nature’s beauty speak for itself is a popular option for bungalow owners. This can also naturally lead to certain interior decoration choices such as the use of natural woods in ceilings, cabinetry and panelling, extending the natural environment into the built space.

Modern and minimal

Minimalism is a look that never dates, and can be far more than the institutional appearance that so many think of it as. Creative use of richly texture materials such as marble and steel can add subtle touches of colour and patterning to a space while still maintaining the overall appearance of a cleanness of line.

A rustic charm

Raw, exposed timber is an exceptional choice that, like the aforementioned liveable garden option, allows nature’s beauty to shine through unimpeded by synthetic touches. It also provides a dense canvas for your own smaller design touches, allowing significant variation in decorative elements without looking crowded or mismatched due to the natural variations in wood.

Blending east and west

Celebrate the triumph of Singapore with a home marrying the best elements of traditional Asian and European architecture. From chandelier-lit sitting rooms overlooking lotus ponds to colonial era shutters enclosing a traditionally decorated sitting room, there are many ways to bridge the gap of centuries and oceans in your home.

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