Getting That Art Deco Look

Modern designs and styles are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners and developers. One of the most popular and best looking of these is the art deco look. People throughout the world are starting to adopt this style when designing their homes. It is now easier than ever to design your home to look however you want it to: if you are in doubt, then talk to a local interior design company today.

What is an “art deco look”?

The art deco look is a style that was developed in France at the beginning of the 20th century. It was extremely popular through the 1920s and 1930s, and can be seen throughout objects and buildings from the period. It boasts work from the finest craftsmen using the finest materials, and has obvious modernist and futuristic influences. Historically, the art deco look has represented wealth, power, and an embracement of development and forwards progress.

How can you get the art deco look in your home?

There are a number of different techniques that you can use to turn your home into an art deco paradise. The basic concept around most of them is that you adopt certain elements of a room (the lighting, furniture, colour scheme etc.) and manipulate them to influence the way the room appears. Some of the most important aspects of the art deco style to think about include:

Colour scheme – The traditional art deco style boasts a simple black and white colour scheme. However, brighter colours can also be included to liven up a room. Think energetic and lively when choosing your colours.

Keeping things shiny – The art deco style shines. There is nothing more simple than this. Keep every aspect of the design looking bright and clean to ensure you have the perfect art deco look. If possible, choose only furnishings which shine naturally: polished metals or woods, smooth floors, and mirrors – a lot of mirrors.

Lighting – Lighting is extremely important in setting up the mood of a room. In the art deco style, the right lighting is vital in developing the right feel and in creating a futuristic, developed look.

Geometry and symmetry – The art deco style is very geometrical and symmetrical. One of its main elements is the strong presence of defined geometrical shapes. Bold curves and angles should be apparent. Where possible, use sharp corners instead of rounded ones. The style also includes elements of symmetry throughout the architectural design and furnishing.