Hiding your TV. (Ceiling, under bed, behind mirror, artwork and walls)

Whether you simply prefer a cleaner look or you’d prefer it wasn’t on display to guests all the time, there are lots of reasons to want to hide your television, and almost as many ways to approach it. No matter how you’ve decorated your home, there’s an attractive and effective way to conceal your television. Read on and pick up a few tips – your guests will never even know you’ve got one!


Classic cabinetry

With changing designs and focuses in both modern homes and modern televisions, the humble and once omnipresent TV hutch has fallen out of style, but that doesn’t mean it’s beyond resurrection. Many designers create TV hutches sized for modern high-definition flat screens, often complete with additional storage space perfect for media devices, DVDs, stereo systems and more. Take a look around; you’re sure to find a hutch that perfectly matches your existing décor.


The cinema experience

Wall-mounted televisions can take a bit more work to conceal, but there are many options once you start thinking outside the box. A very trendy modern look is to fix the television to a recess in the wall, then cover it with sliding panels in the same colour as the wall – extremely chic! Large televisions in purpose-built media rooms can benefit from a bit of movie magic – have you considered going all out and covering it with parting curtains? It’s an effect your guests won’t soon forget!


Getting arty

How many times have you seen a character in a film dramatically swing open a hung painting to reveal a safe or some other valuable hidden behind it? Take inspiration from the movies and hinge a favourite painting over the top of a recessed television for a little bit of extra colour when it’s not TV time. When it’s time for the news or a movie night with your family, just swing the painting over to reveal your set!


Integrating it better

Often people who want to hide their television have nothing against being it seen – it’s just that they think their space looks better without an oversized black rectangle on the wall. Finding a way to blend it into your space can often be nearly as good as hiding it all together, and can be accomplished very easily. Simply mounting the television on a darker wall or buddying it up with some other black accents can really make the space look more of a cohesive whole.