How to Keep Your Bathroom Looking Fabulous After Its Interior Design Makeover

If you have a beautiful new white bathroom, keeping it that way is sometimes a losing battle. Dust and soap can gather and grout often discolours, but these inventive tips will make your bathroom as sparkly as a luxury hotel. After all the work is done from a professional interior designer, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape in the long run. To do this, it’s critical that you maintain the space with care and persistence, utilising some of the below aspects to keep it looking fresh.

Apply a Sealer

Certain types of surfaces, such as marble, can be so nonporous that they may not need a sealer at first inspection, but they will need one to protect against stains and chips. This can also prevent water marks and keep the shine locked in for much longer.

Use a Sponge

Whilst it may be tempting to dab a bit of paint over a wall mark, it may not be the best solution, as often the paint becomes discoloured and will no longer match 100%. A sponge is non-abrasive and can be used to wipe the surfaces of most painted walls.

Don’t Bleach It

Over time, bleach can be extremely harmful to delicate surfaces and if you do not completely rinse it off, the fierce chemicals it contains can make young children and older people have bad health reactions. Many alternative products kill almost all bacteria, but are less abrasive to people and your surfaces and do not leave behind the same harmful chemicals as bleach.

Keep your Grout Protected

A toothbrush just won’t cut the mustard when it comes to seriously removing mould and other irritating mess from your grouting. There are “grout-cleaning rakes” or similar tools available, which get into the grouting much deeper than a toothbrush to scrape out the grime. Once cleaned out a silicone paste should be applied, protecting against future mould and scrapes.

Replace your Towels Regularly

Go for nice large white fluffy towels. These give your bathroom the luxurious look of a high end hotel, but do remember to rotate them regularly. When you see some wear and tear on them, replace them as early as possible to keep up the pristine look you have strived to provide your family and friends.

There is More to it than Just a Quick Vacuum

Often the vacuum or mop doesn’t pick up every little bit of fluff or stray hair. Give it a good vacuum to start with and then apply a cloth sweeper to the floor. This will give a nice professional and clean finish and leave your bathroom looking a million dollars.

Stop moisture in its Tracks

Keep your shower and bath dry! Make it a family rule that the last person to have a shower or bath is responsible for drying the walls, edges, and bath with a dry soft cloth. This will not only look fantastic, but it will save on hard cleaning in the long run.

Use the exhaust fan if you have one and open a window if possible when showering. By stretching the shower curtain open after you wash, you will not only find that it will dry quickly, but it will help with preventing mildew and mould. Give this a quick wash with the laundry when possible to keep it fresh and hygienic.