How to Mix a Cool and Warm Interior

What are Warm and Cool Colors?

Warm colors are stimulating reds, oranges, yellows, beiges and whites. When you walk into a room incorporating these colors you feel higher energy that just makes you want to do something. They are great for larger rooms because these colors can make a space feel cozier. 

Cool colors are calming blues, greens, and light purples that put you at ease. These colors also have the effect of making spaces look larger so they are greater for smaller rooms that you want to make look bigger.

If you remember back to your school art class, you might remember learning about the color wheel. On the color wheel you will find that warm and cool colors are on opposite sides. The question becomes how do you have a well-balanced home using these distinctly different types of color?

You have to choose your colors based on the specific purposes of each individual room. Really what you are looking for is to create balance to the room that fits your personality. If you use all warm colors in a room it might end up feeling too small for you. On the other hand, if you use all cool colors you might feel that the room is too sterile.

You’ll want to start with the overall color type that works best for the room. In living areas start with warm colors that reflect the life and energy of the room. For rooms like your bathroom and bedrooms, use cool colors that will help your mind relax.

Once you have the overall themes and major color picked out, you can begin to think about complementary accent colors. Start small and work your way up until you achieve the balance you are looking for. You might want to use silver furniture in your living room to balance the warm yellow walls. You can use warm colored towels to balance out a cool colored bathroom. These simple additions are easily adjusted, added, and subtracted to find the exact right balance that works for you.

There is no single answer for everyone to mix warm and cool colors. You have to experiment with the unique combinations of paint, decoration, and furniture that reflect your personality and will make your house into a home. Don’t let anyone tell you about your personal style. Choose overall colors that match your taste and start to add your flares to create the most amazing design possible.