Make Your Space Come Alive with Details

Details can make or break your interior design project. The right painting, poster, or knick knack can create an amazing flow, which will make every person feel like they have entered an extravagant palace, or a beautiful cozy cabin. Then the question turns into; how to create what you imagine and how do you ensure that your details work to create the perfect interior?

Outline your Interior

You need to outline your interior the same way you would outline a story. Start by creating an overall theme that will link your entire home together. You can use a special time period, location, or event that really connects with you. Search online to find quick references or images that will help inform and inspire your creation.

Create a sub-theme from the images you find in your image search to highlight your individual spaces. This is like creating your characters. Each room will have its own unique personality but it will also play a vital role in the overall story that you are creating. Make sure that you coordinate the warm or cool colors based on your new “character’s” personality.

Finally, you get to the details. These are like your character’s dialogue. They show instead of tell the reader their personality. You will want to choose pieces that are perfect representations of your key points. If you are trying to create a western theme then maybe you want to accent your rooms with wagon wheels and bull horns, but you need make sure that each piece is in a room that makes sense in your outline and have a purpose they are trying to show your guests.

What’s next?

So you have a great idea of what you want your interior to look like. Now you have to find the pieces that are going to really make your space pop. You can start by combining your overall theme in a Google search with the words “interior design”. This will get you moving in the right direction and fleshing out your interior’s “story”.

Use sites like or that offers unique products from amazing artists. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can connect with the artists and maybe even commission some custom pieces to take your rooms to the next level. Don’t settle when it comes to your details; make sure you are 100% happy with what you are creating.