Making the Most of Your Narrow Terrace Space

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Living in an urban area does not take away a person’s need to enjoy the outdoors. The convenience, however, of living close to work, leisure, the arts, and other amenities of city life means sacrifice. Where our rural friends can enjoy magnificent porches and expansive acreage, urbanites often have a miniature outlet into the open air.

With the right touch, an urban apartment balcony can evoke images and the feel of the countryside just outside your living room.

Place Plants Strategically

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Where plants get placed and how they grow can help to create desirable illusions that can transform your balcony. Plants that have a lot of vertical growth like bamboo can draw the eyes up and create the illusion of more space. Tall and leafy plants can also create a natural privacy barrier that can put you in your private garden.

Another savvy move lies in hanging plants around the outside of the balcony rail, preserving space while maximising greenery.

Why You Should Use a Variety of Plants

Design experts agree that when incorporating plants into a small balcony design, use a variety of plants. In temperate climates, try to integrate evergreens to preserve the greenery all year round. Add to those your own personal favourite seasonals to brighten up the space with colour. Anyone who likes to cook, from serious chefs to foodie hobbyists, should make space to plant their favourite herbs.

Be Creative With Furnishings to Maximise Space

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The biggest challenge lies in selecting the right furnishings. Limited space will prevent you from using typical patio furniture. Some have used a sturdy chest, blanket, and throw pillows placed against the wall of the building to create a functional loveseat. Fruit or milk crates can give table space without taking up too much room. Although this will not create a classic high-end look, it can provide a bit of chic Bohemian contrast to the typical modern urban apartment.

Start Small and Build Confidence

Designing a small balcony takes creativity, planning, and work, but it can also be fun. Experts suggest that inexperienced do-it-yourselfers start small and slow. Those who go out to try and decorate the space all at once may find that they underplanned and overbought. Start with a chair and a few plants, figure out how much space you have left and what you want to do, then proceed from there.

Have Fun

Designing a balcony space will challenge your creativity but it also gives your whimsy a chance to run free. Enjoy yourself as you invest your creativity and money into creating a space that’s both fun and functional.