What Makes a Unique Interior?

What takes a space from bland or run-of-the-mill to extraordinary and exemplary? At MDS Interiors, we’re always searching for the newest, most daring approaches to interior decoration from around the world.

One discovery we’ve made in the course of our research is that often the spaces that stand out from the rest do so because of a small, single stroke of genius. While many stunning interiors were laboriously and carefully built to a singular vision, sometimes it just takes one exquisite idea to lift the entire space. To inspire you, we’ve collected some of our favourites from around the world. Read on to learn more.

Bringing nature into the built environment

Blurring the line between the space within your walls and the space outside is an excellent way to present something new to guests. This can take a variety of forms and can be as extensive or localised as you prefer. From chandeliers that cast shadows in the shape of trees and branches to vertical herb gardens in the kitchen, there are numerous ways you can inject a little bit of the outdoors into your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Beautiful design in even the smallest homes

As people seek more space-efficient and eco-friendly ways to live, designers are racing to offer the same level of functionality, luxury and convenience in a smaller package. Many home-owners dream of creating a stunning bathroom for them and their family, but in smaller homes and apartments, can often find themselves with limited choice.

The Pixel collection from Barcelona design firm Oriol Barri is an attempt to remedy this, offering stunning modern bathroom fixtures that collapse to a width of 16 centimetres when not in use. Featuring a foldable, silicone basin and collapsible stainless steel tap, it’s an attractive, slimline addition to any small space.

Designing for more than just human occupants

It’s important to remember when designing a space that your client’s family may not look like yours. In the same way that certain rooms of a home may be made more child-friendly with lowered shelving, smaller furniture and no sharp edges, many homeowners choose to welcome their pets into their home with design that suits creatures with four legs, not just two.

From installing interior dog doors so your pets can have run of the house to wall-mounted cat tunnels helping your kitten get from place to place without touching the ground, the options available are extensive.