Where To Buy Luxurious Property In Singapore?

Real estate is one of the most precious commodities in Singapore, and it’s no wonder why. At only 277 sq mi, the city is half the size of Los Angeles, making space a premium asset. A slow but steadily growing population and a constant circulation of expats into and out of the country has led the government to taking on ambitious land reclamation projects in order to boost supply. Despite several years of slow-down, property prices remain one of the highest in the world, true to Singapore’s reputation as a global city and an international hub of business and finance.

If you’re looking to not simply buy property in Singapore, but to buy the very best, there are a number of opportunities open to you. The city offers a diversity of options for individuals willing to spend the money to achieve an exceptional standard of living. For those fortunate enough to be considering a life of luxury in Singapore, read on and discover a few of the avenues available to you.

Private condominiums

While more than 80% of all Singaporeans live in Housing & Development Board flats, there is an extensive market of private condominiums available to discerning home-buyers. Like all of Singapore’s condominiums, these come in all shapes and sizes, accompanied by a diverse range of amenities from pools to gyms, dining destinations, viewing decks and more, offering prospective buyers the chance to choose one that aligns with their chosen lifestyle.

Some of the city’s most exclusive private condominiums include Tanglin’s Le Nouvel Ardmore, a 43-residence building offering tenants a minimum of 3,800 sq ft of space, and The Marq, situated on Paterson Hill Road – recognised as the fifth most expensive road in the world in 2014.

Good Class Bungalows

Easily the most exclusive property on offer in Singapore, Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) are landed properties that satisfy certain zoning and architectural criteria. To qualify as a GCB, a bungalow must not exceed two storeys in height plus an attic and a basement, be situated on a block at least 15,000 sq feet in size, and must be situated in a GCB area – usually a neighbourhood of prestige and wealth such as Cluny Road near Orchard, or King Albert Park off Bukit Timah Road. These properties regularly fetch prices in the tens of millions, and are usually seen as a bellwether of the overall property market, as only a confident investor would buy a multi-million dollar home. Only Singaporean citizens are permitted to buy GCBs, making them even more exclusive.

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