Why Invest In Singapore Property?

If you are looking for a strong addition to any property portfolio, you can’t go past Singapore. Truly a world city, Singapore offers investors the chance to own a little piece of the financial centre of Asia. But we understand buying property in a foreign country is not a decision to be made lightly. For those still considering whether to invest in our city, we have prepared this article detailing a few of the benefits to selecting Singapore as the next addition to your portfolio.

The right time to enter the market

While Singaporean home prices have been falling over the past few years, many analysts are predicting a quick rally and upswing towards the latter half of 2017. American real estate company Cushman & Wakefield is predicting a turning point in prices soon, pointing to renewed interest in the market from end-users and investors. Additionally, transaction volumes are rising and there exists strong demand around new property launches, considered by many analysts to be the first credible sign of a bounce-back. This means that we’re currently in a point where demand has never been higher but prices are tipped to start rising – and potentially rising quickly – very soon, making a fast and profitable turnaround for savvy investors highly possible.

Still a globally sought-after destination

With an evergreen reputation as a regional and international hub of business and economics, investors in Singapore are guaranteed access to a steady flow of high-net-worth individuals eager to make their home in our city. Many senior international businesspeople cycle through Singapore for several months to a year at a time on secondment to a branch office or to aid in the establishment of a new business. These people should be a key part of your market, offering a strong return on investment for centrally- or conveniently-located properties.

Great long-term prospects

Singapore is a city that promises strong growth over the next few years to savvy investors as Asia continues to rise in prominence. As new markets emerge across the continent, Singapore’s reputation as the regional centre of finance is sure to deepen. Many analysts at leading financial services firms are already forecasting a significant growth in property prices alongside the national economy, with Morgan Stanley suggesting that house prices could double by 2030.

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